Castellón será el punto de salida de la 71ª VCV Gran Premi Banc Sabadell
Monday, 02 December 2019
The 71st VCV Gran Premi Banc Sabadell will start from Castellón

The 71st edition of the VCV Gran Premi Banc Sabadell will start on February 5th from Castellón. The news was revealed on this Monday during the press conference held by the Mayoress of the City, Amparo Marco; the Sports Council, Omar Braina; the Director of the Vuelta CV, Ángel Casero and Cristóbal Peña, Regional Director of Castellón and Valencia North of the Banc Sabadell, the main sponsor of this event.

During the press conference, Marco stressed the importance of hosting such a notable event, that year after year provides greater international visibility for Castellón. "It is an honor to host the Stage 1 start for such a prestigious sporting event like VCV. Thanks to this opportunity Castellón will reach millions of homes across Europe, being a highly positive impact for the city," said Marco.

Last year the Valencian round was followed by 121 countries and reached 151 million homes across Europe. For this new edition, the impact will be even greater as indicated by Ángel Casero “the Vuelta CV will be broadcasted live to 130 countries and will reach 195 million homes”.

The kilometer zero of this race will be located at Ferrandis Salvador Avenue. Before the official start of the first stage, participants will cycle along the following streets of Castellón: Columbretes, Pintor Carbó, Mare de Déu del Lledó Avenue, María Agustina Square, Governador, Germans Bou and Port avenues, Passeig Buenavista and Ferrandis Salvador.

Also, the Director of the Vuelta CV detailed that the event will have an effect of two days for the city since the teams and riders will arrive already on February 4th, while the team presentation will take place on the 5th before the start of the 1st Stage.

Additionally, Cristóbal Peña highlighted during the press conference the importance of this sporting event is an important factor in both promoting the territory, healthy lifestyle and habits and great of values ​​such as teamwork.