La etapa reina de la VCV Gran Premi Banc Sabadell tendrá lugar en la Sierra Bèrnia
Friday, 27 December 2019
The Queen stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a la Comunitat Valenciana takes place in the Sierra Bèrnia


The Queen stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a la Comunitat Valenciana takes place in the Sierra Bèrnia

The 71st edition of the Vuelta Ciclista a la Comunitat Valenciana Grand Premi Banc Sabadell will be held in 2020 from February 5th to 9th. In this edition, the Queen stage ​​will take place in Altea, as revealed today by the Sports Council, Pere Barber, accompanied by the Director of the VCV, Ángel Casero.

Also, the Councillor Rafael Ramón participated in today's press conference together with the representative of Banc Sabadell, María Teresa Benedito; and the president of the Altea Cycling Club, Vicente Martínez.

For the first time Altea will be the protagonist for this sporting event, as on Saturday, February 8th the Stage 4 "the queen stage” will take place in this location, as announced by the Councillor and the Director of the Vuelta CV. “The intermediate sprint of the day will take place by the City Hall Square, with a sprint around 3:15 p.m.; and the stage will finish with a spectacular mountain climb ending at the Sierra de Bèrnia by the Fuente de la Barca, at 4:14 p.m., being a challenging ascent with a demanding mountain climb of 5 km and gradients up to 24%”, detailed Pere Barber.

As declared by Ángel Casero “the Queen stage of the VCV with finishing in Altea will be a short stage consisting of 156 kilometers, including 5 mountain climbs, providing a challenging terrain in where the winner of this Vuelta CV will be decided. A spectacular race is guaranteed with the participation of 12 World Tour teams and 7 Continental Pro teams".

During the press conference, Pere Barber thanked especially the local cycling club from whom the idea of ​​this stage arose. "We welcomed the proposal of the Altea Cycling Club with great interest, and also want to thank the VCV organization, its Director Ángel Casero, because they enthusiastically shared the idea and the possibility of celebrating a mountain finish of the VCV at the top of Bèrnia".

The Councillor has expressed how proud Altea is to form part of the VCV while highlighting the fact that "the City invests promoting sports at all levels, while especially focusing on cycling sports in general. After all, this discipline has great traditions in our municipality thanks to the ideal territory for practicing this sport".

Media impacts of the Vuelta Ciclista a la Comunitat Valenciana

The media impact that the Vuelta CV will have for Altea, especially from the tourism perspective, will be highly important for the month of February. As pointed out by the Director of the VCV, Ángel Casero, "around 900 people taking part in this event will overnight in the city for two days". He also highlighted how important it has been to have all the support and collaboration of the City Council in logistics and organizational aspects for this stage. All this to ensure that all the locals, visitors, tourists and cycling fans could fully experience and enjoy this event.

Casero recalled the media impacts that the Vuelta a la Comunitat Valenciana had during the year 2019. "We reached more than 192 million homes and 130 countries through the broadcasts in Eurosport. This thanks to the fact that each stage had a live broadcast during the last hour and a half in Eurosport. The economic value of the media impact of the Vuelta CV is almost 14 million euros".

The Director of the Vuelta CV also thanked the support of Banc Sabadell, the main sponsor of this event. The representative of Banc Sabadell, María Teresa Benedito specified that ”the values that this event and sports in general represents are very important. The VCV reaches the entire Valencian territory in an incomparable way and we encourage everyone to continue promoting sports and to raise awareness among motorists to share the roads and highways with cyclists’’.

Also, Rafael Rammón highlighted the importance of the sponsors of the VCV and thanked their support for this event, specifically mentioning Cap Negret Hotel, SH Villa Gadea Hotel and Imed-Levante Hospital.

To conclude the press conference the president of the Altea Cycling Club, Vicente Martínez, thanked the City Council of Altea, the organization of the VCV and all the sponsors for making it possible to finally secure one stage of the VCV in Altea. “All the cycling fans know the effort required for climbing up to Bèrnia. Besides, when the climb is part of a race and at the end of the stage the effort is even multiplied. We invite all cycling enthusiasts to participate and to come and follow the race by cheering their favorite cyclist on February 8th”.